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The Voice of San Diego Podcast

VOSD’s Friday roundup of the past week’s news in brief, featuring interviews with special guests and more.

Mar 27, 2020

<p>This is our second week recording the podcast from "coronavirusland." And the news hasn't stopped. It is the opposite of stopped. As the economy — and work at large — slowed to stem the spread of coronavirus, a lot of confusion and mixed messages bounced across the internet and local government.</p>


Mar 21, 2020

<p>This week, we had to take a moment just to try to process what has happened over the last week and how dramatically it has changed our lives and local public affairs.</p>

<p>We talked about that and a couple of the moments that have really jarred us.</p>

<p>This was the first podcast we have ever recorded remotely....

Mar 13, 2020

<p>This week, we hold a post-election roundtable with two guests. San Diego City Councilman Mark Kersey and Democratic consultant Eva Posner join the show to talk about the biggest races from the primary, and how San Diego's political landscape could change even now as ballots are still being counted.</p>

<p>This was...

Mar 4, 2020

<p>Well, the election happened. We recorded this episode the night of Super Tuesday as the results came in. We’ve got the latest updates and analysis on the biggest races for the region and a good idea of how things are shaping up for the General Election. Let’s get into it.</p>

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Feb 28, 2020

<p>You've been waiting for it. We've been fielding calls and emails for months begging for its return. And luckily, even though it's just late February, the primary is upon us. Election Day is next week. So here for you this week is: THE Voice of San Diego Election Draft. Three editors. Three rounds....