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The Voice of San Diego Podcast

VOSD’s Friday roundup of the past week’s news in brief, featuring interviews with special guests and more.

Jul 31, 2012

By Andrew Donohue

San Diego city schools officials will be pushing hard this fall for voter approval to borrow more than $2 billion. There's one important thing they might not mention that you should know: It's funded by a tax increase.

In the latest episode of VOSD Radio, we talk through the newly finalized plan and...

Jul 31, 2012

By Andrew Donohue

Two weeks ago suddenly became a big week for crime news when Chief Bill Lansdowne told the City Council that crime is "starting to get away from us a little bit." Our reporter Keegan Kyle dug into the data and found a big flaw in the chief's data.

Then, he joined me as guest host of VOSD Radio to talk...

Jul 16, 2012

By Andrew Donohue

With the City Council giving the green light to Irwin Jacobs' plan for Balboa Park, we spent the latest episode of VOSD Radio explaining how we got here, what will change at the park and what comes next.

We also offered up a Fact Check of radio personality Roger Hedgecock, as well as our Hero (Jacobs)...

Jul 9, 2012

With the Affordable Care Act making it through the Supreme Court, the latest edition of VOSD Radio explores the costs to local hospitals of having to provide emergency care to the uninsured. Plus, we tackle a Bill Horn fact check and offer up a Goat (August Santore, Jr.) and Hero (August Santore, Jr.) of the Week.


Jul 3, 2012

By Andrew Donohue

The way things have been around San Diego lately, if you miss a couple of weeks, you miss a lot. Since I'd been out the last two and a half weeks, we turned the latest episode of VOSD Radio into an Idiot's Guide to the Last 2.5 Weeks. Most helpful to me: Scott Lewis' breakdown of the big compromise...