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The Voice of San Diego Podcast

VOSD’s Friday roundup of the past week’s news in brief, featuring interviews with special guests and more.

Feb 8, 2014

Consider this a moment of zen before the frenzy of the mayor's race next week: It's a full 50 minutes of sports talk.

Voice of San Diego contributor and prolific tweeter Beau Lynott was our special guest on the podcast this week. The Super Bowl feels like it was months ago, but maybe not for him — Lynott was lucky enough not only to be rooting for the winning team, but also to see all the action live.

He chatted with VOSD Radio cohosts Andrew Keatts and Scott Lewis about the game (and New Jersey transit nightmare immediately after), the state of our local teams, and what rubbed him the wrong way about some recent haterade poured on the city.

Check out quick quotes from his guest spot below.

The San Diego State Aztecs are killin' it.

"Forgive me for the analogy but I keep thinking they are sort of like the Pete Carroll Seahawks in that you have an older coach who is sort of in the latter part of his career, on another go-round with another program, trying to bring back up. They don’t necessarily have great offense but they don’t always need it because they play great defense. And I think you saw the game the other night at Boise - they’re down 14 in the second half and they just said, look whatever you guys do, go out there and sell out in a huge way on defense and they started making steals and dunks and just came all the way back.” 

The Padres? Not so much.

"It’s hard to blame them. Obviously the structure of baseball is completely inequitable with the big teams, Bostons and Yankees and those kinds of teams. We’re a small market and half the county isn’t even watching the game because they’re in a pissing match with Time Warner…  How do you promote a product when you can’t see a product?"

It takes some effort, but finding San Diego's cultural scenes is worth it.

"As far as the vitality of the city, I mean, I don’t think (Jay Porter) has being going out. Look at all the craft beer scene, the music scene, the art scene. Maybe you have to go out and find it, it doesn’t just hit you in the face as if you were in New York or San Francisco, where it’s just around every turn. But it’s here, man. If you wanted to stay and participate, we would’ve loved to have you."