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The Voice of San Diego Podcast

VOSD’s Friday roundup of the past week’s news in brief, featuring interviews with special guests and more.

Jul 28, 2017

The plan to hold a special election in November to decide on a plan for the future of Qualcomm Stadium failed at City Council, but the people behind the SoccerCity initiative aren’t giving up. They hope the Major League of Soccer won’t either.

On Monday, the developers behind SoccerCity came up with #WaitForSD to keep MLS interested until voters have the final say in the November 2018 election.

On this week’s podcast, co-hosts Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts explain why #WaitForSD fits like a glove on San Diego.

Also, San Diego City Councilwoman Georgette Gomez joins the podcast to discuss the details of her affordable housing plan.

Gomez has come up with a seven-point plan that focuses on increasing the affordable housing stock in the city, preserving the current regulations and housing in place and put together an affordable housing tax measure for the November 2018 ballot. She would not say what kind of tax she preferred.

Come for the laughs and stay for the explanation of what floor-area-ratio is. Gomez knows she might get some backlash.

“This is going to be controversial and I'll probably get some pushback from some of the residents because for a lot of the residents, the fear of higher density is real,” she said. “But we have a crisis, we need to develop more housing. The way that we're zoning our communities isn't going to get us there.”

Hero of the Week

Brooke Binkowski writes Voice of San Diego’s weekly Border Report newsletter, but she’s also the managing editor at Snopes. This week, the fact-checking site faced legal issues and a possible shutdown, but supporters were able to help them raise $500,000 in one day.

Goat of the Week

San Diego Unified School District has made it clear that it will start deleting emails older than one year, but what remains blurry is exactly what will happen to the public records requests currently pending. The district said it will fulfill those requests but has yet to give a clear timeline.