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The Voice of San Diego Podcast

VOSD’s Friday roundup of the past week’s news in brief, featuring interviews with special guests and more.

Nov 11, 2016

San Diego’s election results didn’t look much like the rest of the country.

Democrats in the county won a bunch of races and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton beat President-elect Donald Trump by 17 points among county voters.

We dissected those results on the show this week, with two political operatives who played a key role in local races. Carol Kim, political director for the San Diego County Building and Construction Trades Council, and Jason Roe, a local Republican political consultant who was an outspoken Trump critic throughout the election, helped us break down what the results taught us about San Diego’s political direction.

We skipped handing out our usual hero and goat of the week so we could concentrate instead on a full analysis of the election results.