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The Voice of San Diego Podcast

VOSD’s Friday roundup of the past week’s news in brief, featuring interviews with special guests and more.

Oct 20, 2017

The case of a confidential city attorney memo on SoccerCity that was leaked to a developer by Councilman Chris Cate has taken another weird turn.

This week, interim District Attorney Summer Stephan announced that she's passing the case to the California attorney general — but she declined to outline why she was conflicted or might appear conflicted on the issue.

On this week's podcast, hosts Sara Libby, Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts discuss the significance behind Stephan's decision to recuse herself from the Cate memo drama.

Also on the podcast, Libby, Lewis and Keatts talk about the new developments in the neverending short-term rental dilemma.

City leaders were set to move forward vetting plans to regulate short-term rentals. But at the last minute, City Attorney Mara Elliott voiced concerns about the legality of one proposal written by found Council members, which caused City Council President Myrtle Cole to cancel the hearing.

"This is one of those moments where the city is literally incapable of solving this problem," Lewis said. "The whole things is this dysfunctional cartoon."

Hero of the Week

Our hero this week goes to the women who wrote a letter documenting their sexual harassment experiences while working in the California Capitol.

Goat of the Week

San Diego Unified gets goated yet again this week. Voice of San Diego got a hold of documents that show the district counsels struggling students to leave for other schools, something it has vigorously denied doing.